1. Owned by Government,  in time concession to private group (T.G.U.).
  2. One pier allocation shared with A.N.P. (National Port Administration) pier.
  3. Length  370 mts. north and south pier , berth in total is 200  mtrs in length.
  4. Grain storage abt  100.000 Mtons,   also by-products.
  5. Loading system:  One grain elevator with one hydraulic shooter.   The elevators shifts alongside by rail.
  6. Loading rate:  1.000 mt/h(Coming from silo), for grain and 500 mt/h for by-products,
    transhipment barges basis grain/ 500 mt/h.
  7. No restrictions up to » Post panamax» sized vessels.
  8. Draft alongside 32 ft ,  0 wharton tide level.
  9. Reception capacity:   450 Mt/h by trucks, 400 Mt/h by barges basis grain.
  10. Working hours 24 hrs day/ shinc.
  11. Bunker available only by truck.
  12. Discharge bilges water, slop and garbage not available.
  13. Two pier allocation for barges , one of them with 150 meters length with facilities for
    discharging barges simultaneously transhipment to vessel and one inner allocation with 150 meters for discharging or transhipment as well .
  14. Vsls berth either by starboard side or port side .
  15. Inner dock with 150mt length for discharge barge using crane and suction.
  16. NOR usual tendered upon arrival at first place of anchorage / roads.
  17. Water density normally is  0,9985. 
  18. Holidays:  January  01st  – May 01st  –   July 18th  –  August 25th   &  December 25th