1. Owned by Government,  in time concession to private group (T.G.U.).
  2. One pier allocation shared with A.N.P. (National Port Administration) pier.
  3. Cabotage berth in total is 225  mtrs in length.
  4. Grain storage abt  20.000 Mtons,   also by-products.
  5. Loading system:  One grain elevator with one shooter.   The elevators shifts alongside by rail.
  6. Loading rate:  500 mt/h(Coming from silo), for grain and 300 mt/h for by-products.
  7. No restrictions up to » Panamax» sized vessels.
  8. Draft alongside 9,00 mts fw ,  0 wharton tide level.
  9. Reception capacity:   450 Mt/h by trucks, 300 Mt/h by barges basis grain.
  10. Working hours 24 hrs day/ shinc.
  11. Bunker available only by truck.
  12. Discharge bilges water, slop and garbage not available.
  13. Vsls berth either by starboard side or port side .
  14. NOR usual tendered upon arrival at first place of anchorage / roads.
  15. Water density normally is  0,9985. 
  16. Holidays:  January  01st  – May 01st  –   July 18th  –  August 25th   &  December 25th