GENERAL DESCRIPTION: San Pedro Port is situated on the right bank of the Paraná River at Km 277, 71 (Lat 33o 41’ S Long 59o 39’ W). Approximately 150 Km from Rosario and 200 Km from Buenos Aires by road. It is a city of about 70.000 inhabitants and is the centre of a rich fruit and farming district.

From Buenos Aires via Martín García, 151 miles or by the Mitre Channel, 115 miles.
The principal port activity is the loading of grains and waiting/general maintenance of dredges. Entrance to the port is via a short access channel, vessels dropping starboard anchor off the front pier and coming astern, maneuvering into the berth (elevator’s berth) stern first, with head and stern ropes out onto the Nbr.1 pier to berth port side to quay. The starboard anchor is recovered once alongside.
On sailing, the vessel proceeds straight out of the basin and through the access channel to the river.

ROADS/ANCHORAGE: Main Roads (from Km.274 to Km.276, left margin), admitting two (2) vessels for waiting loading berths.

Operative roads (Km 273-274 Parana River) admitting vessels for waiting, lightering, cargo holds cleaning, stores supply, sludge and washing water disposal by barge.


San Pedro Port’s Jurisdiction: From Km.235,5 to Km.300,5 of Paraná River.

BERTH ASSIGNMENT: Expected arrival time should be advised to Grain Elevator Operators “Terminal Puerto San Pedro S.A.” and Port Authorities at least 2 working days prior arrival. Berthing granted on first come, first served basis providing cargo export documents availability/readiness.

FREE PRATIQUE: Master should request Free Pratique at least 24 hours ahead to Head Agents. Granted by the Buenos Aires Health Station.

RESTRICTIONS: Daylight berthing/day and night unberthing. Length restrictions: LOA should not exceed 220 m – Pilots suggest not exceed loa 200 mts and maximum beam 33 mts at Elevator’s pier.
Pierhead berth: vessels of up to 170 m LOA are recommended and Elevator Berth must be free with no vsl alongside.


– Argentine Coastguard have declared San Pedro Port, Security level 1 (one)
– Port San Pedro was duly certified by Argentine Coastguard – Declaration no. 72/05 ISPS Code – as from May 2015 until February 2020.
– PFSO Name: Mr. Dante Ambrogi – Phone Nbr. (54 03329) 425378 – E-mail:
– Local Argentine Coastguard: (54 3329) 422324 – Emergency: (54 3329) 106 – VHF Channel 12/ Call sign: L6E.


Shifts are of 6 hours.
Monday-Friday: 06:00 –18:00 / Saturdays: from 06:00-12:00 hours normal rates. Overtime: Monday-Friday: 18:00-24:00 and 00:00-06:00 hours. Saturdays as from noon, Sundays and Holidays.

Mon-Fri: 06:00-18:00 / Saturdays: 06:00-12:00 Hours (normal rate) Overtime: 18:00-06:00, Saturdays as fm noon. Sundays and holidays. Customhouse: Mon-Fri: 07:00-16:00 hours / Immigration Office: 24 hours.

PILOTAGE: A harbour Pilot is compulsory and he must be ordered through the local Agent to any of the Port Pilots Cooperative Societies at Rosario with at least three hours advance notice. Boarding place 2.000 m. below the entrance channel.
Paraná River Pilots may be requested from Rosario or Buenos Aires, according to the company appointed.

Pilots travel by private cars for vessel’s account (or included in tariff)

TOWAGE: No tugs at San Pedro and vessels berth bow out without the aid of tugs (see General Description). In case of adverse weather conditions vessels customarily await improvement of same before proceeding rather than requesting tugs from elsewhere.

DRAFT: Provided river levels permit, vessels at this Port, may load to the limiting depth in the Mitre Channel plus an allowance for the tide, always maintaining 2 feet safe below the keel, as required by Coastguard regulations.
The official determinant of 9,80 meters at zero datum plus the river level of each day, has been established by local port authorities.

River is usually highest from March-May and lowest around Sep-Oct. Mean average level at San Pedro is 5-7 Ft above Zero datum.
Tidal influence can be felt at San Pedro, particularly when SE winds blow off River Plate causing rise of river level (abt 1 to 2 Ft).

CHARTS: Not available at San Pedro. Usually provided through the Head Agents at

Buenos Aires.

LAUNCHES: Available. One suitable for attention in Roads and another for pilotage. BUNKERS: Fm Buenos Aires, Campana or San Lorenzo by tank truck or barge should be provided at berth.
FRESH WATER: Available by pipeline at berth (8 tons/hour)
STORES: Provided through Buenos Aires/Rosario shipchandlers.
REPAIRS: Performed by workshops from Bs.Aires or Rosario.
SURVEYORS: Cargo holds inspections carried out by private surveyors coming from Buenos Aires or Rosario and supervised by local SENASA (Official) surveyors.


REPATRIATION: of crew is carried out by local Agent through Custom / local Immigration Office.

GARBAGE: Available using truck.
WASTE OIL: Available by truck or barge.
PAINTING: Works must be authorized by local Coastguard Authority.
LOCAL COMMUNICATIONS: E-mail, mobile phone, Coastguard (PNA) San Pedro Call Sign “L6E”, VHF on Ch.12.
LOCAL HOLIDAYS: September 8th, San Pedro Patroness Virgin.
GANGWAY WATCHMEN: Compulsory, for all foreign flag vessels over 2000 GRT. MEDICAL AID: Available at the municipal hospital and private sanatory.

TRANSPORT: Highway No 9 connects San Pedro with Buenos Aires, Rosario and all other cities. Regular bus services available.


: Berthingsiteof220Mtslongownedby–ConsorciodeGestionPuertoSan Pedro. Grain Storage silos and elevator loading gallery owned by the private Company: “Terminal Puerto San Pedro S.A.”
TOTAL STORAGE CAPACITY: At the elevator and adjacent sites is 136.000 tons. GRAINS: Wheat, Maize, Soyabeans, Canola, Barley and Sunflower.
LOADING SYSTEM: loading at the Elevator berth is by means of an overhead loading gallery fitted with 7 telescopic chutes.
TYPE OF SPOUTS: 7 telescopic chutes spread evenly over 134 meters from the first to the last, and rotation of each tube is of at least 16 mts.
LOADING RATE: 850-950 tons/hour (By one line) – for Wheat, Maize and Soyabeans. STOWAGE FACTOR: 48-49 per cubic meter for Soyabeans.
AIR-DRAFT: Max height of 18 mts above the level of the quay.
FENDERS: Berth is provided with fixed rubber fenders.
RECEPTION CAPACITY: Daily reception of grains is of abt 12.000 tons, in 12 hours day-work.

: Berthing site of 85 Mts long owned by – Consorcio de Gestion Puerto San Pedro. For cargo of bagged grains and bulk grains to barges.