1. Owned by Ontur SA , private Co.
  2. Outer dock is 180 mtrs in length – Max. draft 32 feet fw at o level.
  3. Inner dock is 160 mtrs in lenght  – It is Compulsory to be assisted by 2 tugs for berth and unberth. Only can berth vssls up to Max. LOA of 180 mts and Max. Beam of 28 mts, their maximum draft for berth/sail will be 7,0 mts fw. Vssls that berth up to 160 mts of LOA, their maximum draft for berth/sail will be 8,0 mts fw.
  4. To allow discharging only gear vsls. Cargo discharge operations to be done with ship´s cargo gear , working 24 hours , Shinc.
  5. Actual discharge rate per day – 24hrs – 4.500/5.000 mt – basis two gangs
  6. Actual loading rate  300 mt per hour – basis two gangs
  7. No restrictions up to «Panamax» sized vessels (Outer dock pier).
  8. Vsl must has cranes  to lift min. 12mt.
  9. Working hours 24 hrs day/ shinc.
  10. Bunker available only by truck.
  11. Discharge bilges water, slop and garbage not available.
  12. Approaching channel allow to entering and leaving vsls simultaneously.
  13. Usual anchorage place is closed to berth/port limits.
  14. Since May till August , is the season´s time that could be strong winds , storm , rains.
  15. NOR usual tendered upon arrival at first place of anchorage / roads.
  16. Water density normally is  0,9985. 
  17. Vsls berth either by starboard side or port side.   
  18. Holidays:  January  01st  – May 01st  –   July 18th  –  August 25th   &  December 25th