Owners: Terminal 6 S.A. / Glencore    
KM 457 of the parana river   
Storage Capacity:  Cargoes loaded/unloaded:
Minerals60,000 Mtons Copper concentrate, lead concentrate,
Vegetable Oils120,000 MtonsSoya Bean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Oleine,
   Sodium Methylate, Methanol
Loading Rates Per gang:Per HourPer ShiftLoading rates per hosePer HourPer Shift
Minerals1000 Mtons6000 MtonsVegoils500 Mtons2500 Mtons
   Oleine / Sod Meth300 Mtons1800 Mtons
Discharge rates per grab N/APer HourPer ShiftDischarge rates per hose. N/APer HourPer Shift

Usual Gangs to be appointment:


Loading Arms:                                                                           Lines/Hoses to load:

One, The telescopic schuter reaches 3 holds without shiftings                    One line/connection 8 inchs on handy size vessels

Depth alongside:Air Draft:Dolphins and frontage:
Abt 40 Feet.N/AThe berth offers a berthing frontage of 181 mts afforded by four
  dolphins together with five outlying dolphing for bow and stern mooring

Draft Restriction:

No draft restriction at berth. Maximum draft allowed for the Parana River is reported by Coast Guard on a daily basis between 0800/1000 hrs-

Tide Restrictions N/AWater Density                                   Bottom 0,998                                              MudProvision procedures Not authorized by Terminal.
Loa Restrictions: 225 MtsFresh water availability: Not availableLight dues apply: YES
Beam Restrictions:Garbage discharge:Port dues apply:
32 MtsOnly by boatYES
Slop Discharge:Bunker availability:Waterway dues apply:
Not allowedNot allowedN/A
Berth PictureTug use 
 Not required 
 Headclerk apply:   
 Official figures to be applied: 
 Shore Scale 

Working time:

The usual working time is from Monday to Friday from 0600 hs to 1800 hs and on Saturday from 0600 hs to 1200 hs. The remaining times are considered as overtime


* As per terminal regulation cargo holds to be loaded must be inspected before berthing

OPIP Address:
Name:Luis PersigJuan vucetich S/N
Phone Nr:03476 – 440704Puerto general san martín Santa fe
Email Address:luis.persig@glencore.com.ar